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Shipping information:

Transport to the point of delivery is provided by the seller, usually through specialised third party services, but always under the conditions that are part of the order. The seller reserves the right to change the carrier including the decision to deliver the ordered goods by own means, even without previous notice to the buyer. However, this change shall not reflect in reduced quality of delivery and change of its price. The delivery to the point of delivery does not include demonstration, installation, assembly, or mounting of the purchased goods.

Shipping and delivery rates:

    1) Geis Parcel – shipments up to 50 kg

Delivery to: all addresses in the Czech Republic

Delivery time: working days, usually within 24 hours (after receiving order shipping confirmation), between 8.00 AM and 6 PM

On the day of delivery the delivering driver will contact the recipient regarding an accurate time of shipment delivery. Unfortunately it is not possible to select an exact hour of delivery.

If the recipient is not present on the day of delivery, the delivering driver will leave a note in the mailbox and try deliver the parcel once again on the next working day.

You can track your Geis Parcel shipment online here.

Cash-on-delivery handling fee: CZK 35 for all parcels up to 50 kg weight and CZK 50,000.

When paying cash-on-delivery with a credit card a surcharge of 1.4 % from the total value of the order will be charged.


Parcel weightPrice in CZK excl. VAT
up to 20 kgCZK 85
21 – 34 kgCZK 95
35 – 50 kgCZK 130
    2) TNT parcel service – shipments over 50 kg within the Czech Republic, all international shipments

This service is only available for advance payment orders or wire transfer payment orders. No cash-on-delivery or credit card payment on delivery.

Pricelist for the Czech Republic (maximum parcel weight 500 kg)

Parcel weightPrice in CZK excl. VAT
51 – 60 kgCZK 350
61 – 70 kgCZK 400
71 – 100 kgCZK 480
100 – 500 kg+ CZK 3 per each kg over 100 kg

Large parcels (over 500 kg) will be arranged individually with the customer.

International shipments – the price depends on actual weight (or volumetric weight) according to valid pricelist of TNT export transports, or arranged individually with the customer.

    3) Personal pick-up

Personal pick-up on business address: Purkyňova 3050/99a, 612 00 Brno

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 6:30 AM – 1:00 PM

The customer shall check the shipment upon delivery or pick-up to make sure the packaging is intact and that the parcel shows no signs of damage. This check does not cover the contents of the parcel. If obvious signs of damage are detected by the buyer upon delivery, the buyer may refuse to take over the parcel and shall make a damage record with the carrier. The buyer shall report damage during transport to the seller without unnecessary delay. We recommend submitting this report in writing, through electronic mail, to the following address: eshop (eshop@diindustrial.com). If the customer takes over a visibly damaged parcel from the carrier it is necessary to describe the damage in the carrier’s handover protocol. The customer shall also check the number of parcels on the delivery note, which shall match the actual number of delivered parcels. If the number of parcels does not match the number of parcels delivered, the customer shall take over the shipment with the reservation stated in the transport document and shall report the claim in writing through electronic mail to the following address: eshop (eshop@diindustrial.com). The claim of missing parcel/parcels shall not be accepted if the buyer fails to send this report.

The customer shall pay real cost of transport (shipping fee) even if he does not take over the goods due to reasons on his part. If goods are shipped to the customer, and invoice will follow with the shipping fee sum stated on it. The above stated does not apply if the customer withdraws from the purchase contract in accordance with instructions in Art. 3 of the trades and conditions, in writing, and before the seller’s notification of goods being shipped.

You can pick up the goods in 5 working days from receiving an e-mail or SMS notification.

Personal pick-up is only possible on this address: Purkyňova 3050/99a, 612 00 Brno

After the expiration of the 5-day period the goods will be returned back to the store and the customer will be refunded the paid price to his account (in case of advance payment).