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Welcome to the business server of DI industrial

To enter the e-shop you need to register first!

After registering you will receive, no later than on the next business day, an activation e-mail with the confirmation of your registration data. After that you can start using the e-shop.

Non-registered users may only browse the items on offer.

How to shop:

  • After Logging in, select the requested section in the left part of the product range menu.
  • Select quantity of the goods you are buying and add it to cart by clicking the Add to cart button.Add to cart button.
  • You can also add an item to cart from the detailed viewing of an item (click on the name of the item).
  • You can check your cart during shopping by clicking Shopping cart.
  • You can adjust the contents in your cart anytime by clicking on the cart.
  • If you set the quantity of an item in the cart to zero, it will be removed from the cart.
  • The items remain in your shopping cart even after your logout.
  • If you wish to buy the items placed in your cart, click onOrder.
  • Select the delivery method and requested date of delivery.
  • The status of your order, invoicing and payments can be viewed through Your documents.